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'The DNCJ does not
simply correct our tendency to leave
the 19th century press as a footnote to
history; it presents the entire Victorian
landscape as being awash with
(Brian Winston, British Journalism Review, March 09)


DNCJ, the Dictionary of 19c Journalism is a collaborative project involving scholars from Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, the United States and Belgium.

With DNCJ we hope to have produced a reliable reference book, which is both comprehensive and succinct. While DNCJ draws on data from extant publications, it aims to supplement them by extending their coverage considerably, and by presenting the entire range of categories found in separate titles in a single alphabetical sequence.

In DNCJ the editors propose a text that brings together in rapid reference formats - paper and online - aspects of 19C journalism that reflect both its diversity and current expertise in the field. DNCJ will make it be possible to access nineteenth-century culture from a hitherto neglected angle, representations of the media through which nineteenth century readers encountered their own culture.The nature and purpose of the DNCJ entries:

DNCJ covers:

  • individual journalists/authors
  • editors
  • proprietors of serials
  • printers of serials
  • illustrators of serials
  • publishers of serials
  • titles of both periodicals and newspapers
  • topics.

The single alphabetical sequence is supplemented by:

  • an introduction
  • a 19C press chronology
  • a bibliography
  • a list of acronyms
  • a list of Associate Editors and Contributors
  • an index (names, topics, titles)

L. Brake and M. Demoor, March 2009


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